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Spyshelter Firewall 10.6.1 Premium + Serial key


SpyShelter Firewall real-time protection against malicious attacks Trojans, rootkits and spyware.

Detects incoming and outgoing network requests, actively monitors startup programs, protects the component HIPS. SpyShelter Firewall offers a powerful and easy-to-use and affordable solution for complete network protection. The firewall blocks the invasion of unknown malware and viruses, while maintaining your privacy or company.

Key features:
• Detects incoming / outgoing network requests;
• High efficiency interception DDE-queries;
• Protect your important of COM-objects;
• Enhanced protection of files / folders;
• Extended Protection Registry Windows;
• Enhanced protection of internal communication processes;
• Protection against unauthorized program execution;
• Support for IPv6;
• Proactive protection able to detect attempts to steal your personal information by any virus, spyware, keylogger or a Trojan;
• Protect your passwords, online chat and credit card numbers;
• Proactive Defense allows to detect new and unknown malware, which are not yet defined by third-party antivirus software;
• No need to check the signature database;
• Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface;
• Fully compatible with Windows x32 / x64 (the world’s first 64-bit anti-keylogger).

The main components:

Protection from data logger (as kernel mode)
SpyShelterAnti-KeyLogger ensures that everything you type into your computer is protected from fraudsters who steal important data.

Protection from interception webcam
SpyShelter Anti-Webcam Logger protects you from hackers who want to take control of the webcam, even when it is turned off!

HIPS protection system
SpyShelter guards your registry, the physical memory (RAM) and other critical areas and processes so that malicious code can not be implemented, to take control of your computer.

Access control
SpyShelter Firewall allows network administrators to control access to reliable clients, servers, and applications, with detailed information about users, groups, applications, computers, and connection types.

Support for IPv6
One of the features Firewall SpyShelter, it has built-in support for IPv6 to create objects and use these objects in the rules.

Internet security
Active module SpyShelter AntiNetworkSpy Trojans prevents theft of personal information in the performance of SSL-critical transactions via the Internet. It also blocks HTTP / HTTPS trojans on user level, as well as POP, SMTP, FTP-loggers.

Protection against the interception of data entered from the keyboard
SpyShelter Anti-Clipboard Logger protects sensitive data? which may be in the Windows clipboard as a result of the copy, cut and paste, ensuring that this information will not be controlled by other people maliciously.

Encrypt keystrokes
SpyShelter has a built-in driver encryption, which encrypts all your keystrokes in real time. This means that even if you let any malicious applications run on your system, it can only get a meaningless random text.

Protection from screen capture
When you make a screenshot of the screen, SpyShelter Anti-Screen Logger detects suspicious activity that could reveal confidential data entered into a computer, such as bank account and credit card information.

Protection against the interception of sound (the first in the world)
Unique security module SpyShelter Anti-Soundlogger, which protects your system from Trojans intercepting VOIP-audio signals. The component may be useful when using customers for voice calls. This module also protects you from the voice pickup from a webcam or microphone.

The two-way firewall
Blocks hackers, intrusion detection provides inbound / outbound network requests.

What is new in 10.6.1 version :
• Implemented a new basic GUI;
• Numerous bug fixes and interface improvements;
• New secure digital signatures for the main application files;
• Language updates.

Spyshelter Firewall 10.6.1 Premium + Serial key
Spyshelter Firewall 10.6.1 Premium


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