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SolidCAM 2016 + Crack is here! [Latest]


SolidCAM 2016 provides seamless single-window integration and full associativity with the SolidWorks design model.

so you can program your CNC’s directly inside SolidWorks and even watch your toolpaths automatically update when the design model changes.

With modules covering lathes, 2.5D milling machines, all the way up to 5-axis and even the most complex Millturns, you simply won’t outgrow SolidCAM. It will be the last CAM software you will ever have to purchase.

SolidCAM’s revolutionary iMachining module

A real breakthrough in CNC Milling tool path technology that enables cutting 2 to 3 times faster and deeper, by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed through the entire tool path.

You can use your existing CNC milling machines to run faster and deeper, with even the smallest cutting tools, in the hardest materials.

iMachining provides your CNC Machine shop with unbelievable savings and efficiency, translating into profits and success.

CNC machining

Unlike other CAM software systems that leave users guessing at CNC machining parameters like Speeds and Feeds. iMachining uses a patented “Technology Wizard” that expertly guides the user through all steps to optimize the production job.

Wizard iMachining

uses the tool data, together with geometry, material and CNC machine properties. to generate smooth morphing spiral toolpaths, that ensure constant cutting force on the tool.

he calculated CNC-programs avoid continuous repositioning and time-consuming air cutting movements like insertion, retraction and withdrawing.

Users enjoy shorter cutting-times for increased CNC machine productivity, longer cutting tool life, better machining process, reduced CNC machine wear and the best surface machining quality.

SolidCAM 2016

iMachining delivers an entirely new level of metal cutting performance that enables every CAM software user to bring 21st century technology right into every machine shop, for nearly all types of parts, CNC machines, cutters and materials.


the complete CNC machining intelligent system that adjusts automatically to material, geometry, cutters, and CNC machine tool capability, to lead the user through the entire operation.

Imagine putting the knowledge and experience of hundreds of CAM and CNC masters in the palm of your hand.


Seamless SolidWorks integration
Full associativity to the design model
World-class CAM technology
Unlimited upgrade path
Complete simulation of part, stock, tooling, cutters, and machine


Unleash the hidden power of SolidWorks for CAM
Parametric design changes flow right to your machine as design changes automatically update toolpath
The most efficient toolpaths for the best cycle times, part quality, and surface finishes
SolidCAM is scalable to run your existing machines as well as future machines
Simulate exactly how your programs will cut every step of the way before risking expensive tooling and machines

SolidCAM 2016
SolidCAM 2016

Compatible with Solidworks 2012-2016

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