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Slide for Reddit Pro 5.2.1 Cracked APK


Slide for Reddit Pro THE secure, fast, material-designed, and open-sourced Reddit browser! Slide is lightweight with a UX that just works, while being heavy on features.

Slide is the first and only to have
• Full material design spec
• ChromeCustomtabs support
• Wiki support
• Shadowbox mode for viewing only a subreddit’s images, gifs, and albums
• Color coding for subreddits, profiles, and more!
• Customizable Grid UI- set the amount of cards you want in landscape mode!
• Much more!

Unique features include
• Real Material Design
• Extremely intuitive UI. Swipe between subreddits, posts, images, and more! Swipe to exit from any view as well.
• Secure O-Auth authentication
• Built in views for all types of Reddit content (anything that can be expanded on reddit.com!)
• Extremely fast album view, deepzoom image view, and Gfycat-encoded gif viewer
• Wiki support!
• Intent support, open any reddit link with Slide
• Multiple-Accounts support
• Multireddit support
• Customize view types to your liking! Includes over 5 options letting you create large cards or super-condensed list views!
• Customize every subreddit’s view types, because not every subreddit is created equally
• 3 themes (dark, light, AMOLED black)
• Very active Github repo and updates!
• Community-led and open sourced

What’s New

•Delete history in Settings>History
•Set comment sort per sub
•Set selftext per sub
•History w/ visited comments & posts
•Video plugin support
•Drafts: save text for later (& backup upon failure)
•Guest account w/ sub reorder
•Setting revamp
•Sub search reorder
•Mark as read button inbox
•Redesigned album view w/ drag area
Download albums
•Improved link handling
•Tags show the app name that link opens
•Improved moderation panel
•Modmail notifs
•Comma-separated albums
•Much more!

Slide for Reddit Pro
Slide for Reddit Pro


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