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Raxco PerfectDisk Professional 13.0 Build 843

Raxco PerfectDisk Professional 13.0 Build 843

Raxco PerfectDisk – a program to defragment your hard disk. Optimize their work with the file, MFT table, as well as the physical location on your hard disk files and directories. In order to begin to defragment a disk, you need to select the disc itself and press the start button. In its work, the program displays a graphical changing table, in which real-time defragmentation process. The data in this table are displayed as colored squares, the color decoding which can be viewed in the main window of PerfectDisk.

More information :
It is worth noting a rather quick work of the utility. This is due to the fact that using single-pass defragmentation method based SMART hard drive data. Can not defragment only local drives, but also with the network, in this case to ease the job profiles of network planning and defragment completely customizable logging work. Supported work with RAID-tomami.Raxco PerfectDisk allows you to use two modes: the first – the optimization of data is based on a conversion rate them, second – excluding. The first method considers moving frequently accessed data to the beginning of the disc. Furthermore, it is possible to specify the current fragmentation threshold value, based on which the utility \”decides\” to produce optimization or not.

Key features:
• There is a formal certification from Microsoft
• Support for storage of large volumes
• SMARTPlacement technology to optimize defragmentation strategies
• Space Restoration Technology to optimize the available space in as large blocks
• Built-in scheduler to automate operations
• Technology Patent-pending Resource Savert to speed defragmentation
• Mode smart \”screensaver
• Defragment files and free space in one pass
• Intelligent load control on the processor and I / O
• The need for less than 5% free space to work
• Defragment individual files
• Defining restrictions for work and increasing automation
• The ability to work from the command line with a similar graphical interface capabilities
• Joint work with the version for Microsoft Exchange and automatic defragmentation in different modes
• Automatic update of components via the Internet

Inteface :

Raxco PerfectDisk Professional 13.0 Build 843

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