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PreSonus Studio One Pro + Crack


Studio One Pro – application for creating music that makes audio recording, MIDI-sequencing, and audio mastering simple, providing the user with many professional features.

This program has not only all the professional features that may be found in other similar programs, but also new developments that distinguish Studio One from other similar applications.

the heart of Studio One is a mechanism for automatic switching between resolution and 32-bit computing 64-bit floating-point, which takes place in real time. To provide excellent sound quality and compatibility with audio interfaces ASIO, Windows Audio, and Core Audio, including all product line PreSonus. The program allows you to record and deal with editing and mixing music in a single window. Studio One supports formats plugins ReWire, VST, AU, including the new specification VST3.

Program features:
• An elegant one-window operation interface
• Advanced function of moving objects
• Unlimited number of audio / MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses and FX-channels
• Automatic equalizing effect of the delay
• Extended automation
• 32-bit processing music
• Excellent virtual instruments
• Sampler with friendly interface
• Resampling time stretching of audio and real-time
• Compatibility with ASIO, Windows Audio and Core Audio audio interfaces
• Work with the keys of the applications Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic Studio
• Integrated mastering package with automatic mix updating, Red Book CD recording
• 64-bit audio engine
• Supported file formats: AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire
• Library 32-bit effects processors with 20 dynamic, reverb, modulation effects, etc.

What’s new in version

• Added context menu for plugin search results for hiding and to favor plugins
• Filter hidden plugins from search results
• Enlarged channel output list in instrument

The following issues have been fixed:
• Bounce command leads to empty event
• Focus issues in search result / list view
• Insert plugin reorder bug
• Event dragging feedback does not update when zoomed in
• Freeze with Melodyne tempo data when dragging onto the tempo track
• [OSX] Freeze after dragging with Wacom tablets
• ZLM doesn’t switch to new track assigned to same input as previous selected track
• Hang with Scratchpad and automation data

PreSonus Studio One Pro
PreSonus Studio One Pro


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