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Mirillis Action! + Serial key is here! [Latest]


Mirillis Action! + Serial Key

Mirillis Action! – A program for recording real-time image screen in various video formats. Allows you to record video from your player, gameplay, embed audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots, etc.

Key features:
Record gameplay in HD
Benchmark Games
Recording web video in real time
Export recordings to popular formats and devices
Upload to YouTube or Facebook
Record audio comments
Capture screenshots
Play in HD – record to SD

What is new in this version : 

Important improvements for Windows 10
Fixed problems with video recording using Active screen recording mode on Windows 10 (problems with switching from fullscreen games to desktop)
Fixed problems with audio and video recording on some systems with Razer Kraken 7.1 headphones

Mirillis Action! + Serial Key
Mirillis Action! + Serial Key

Downloads :

Mirillis Action! + Serial key / Mirror / Mirror 2


  • IGoMane

    Tnx haxzone for this .Just start action without internet connection and enter this key and it will work 😀

  • NSbuilder


    I have an important question:

    let’s say the key get blacklist on my computer ( don’t worry it is not – just asking ) – the key will never work again on any computer? or it will be blacklisted only on my computer/network?

    • Haxzone

      no.its public blocked but you can still activate this version and mybe next version with this key.

      • NSbuilder

        ok… but after activating ( at offline ) I can open and close action when connected to internet? or every time I need to disconnect and connected after launched action? ( lol sorry I just don’t want to break the key:)

        • Haxzone

          mybe is better to stay offline.Action always checking key at startup.We use it always offline.

          • NSbuilder

            I blocked Action with firewall… is it safe to use online?

          • NSbuilder

            I can also disconnect from internet, launch action and reconnect

  • Avd Putra

    Thanks, really works!!

  • Dihern

    Works perfect tnx a lot… 😀

  • Gamers Switzeland

    Haxzone is the best!! tnx dude 😀

  • Violet

    I have action already downloaded and set, i just need the serial key. Can i have it please?

  • Murilo D.

    I already have the program I use a long time. today suddenly’re asking again the serial number. anyone have one that works?

    • Haxzone

      Download latest version , if you have blaclisted just delete windefram.log from windows directory and start without internet connection.

  • Marco


  • Lucas De Albuquerque Gusmão

    friend, tried to use in case the action with this serial else was here accused of serial blacklist

  • Darko Babuchna

    Ok, it is working, but i really want to use it with internet connection, i can run it without it and then reconnect, but after few minutes it will crash and say that serial is blacklisted, so how to use it with internet connection?