Malwarebytes a cybersecurity company from Illinois released its new version of anti-malware product Malwarebytes V4, with redesigned UI and a more powerful scanning engine.

At this moment Malwarebytes 3.X will not automatically upgrade to version 4.0 so you need to download an installer from the official website. If you have premium license keys and these keys work also with v4.0 version too.

A brand new UI

One of the biggest changes in the new version of anti-malware 4.0 is a fresh new user interface. All important functions are on the dashboard, Scanner, Real-time protection and Quarantine are clearly shown on the main screen.

Fresh new for Malwarebytes 4.0

The new scanning engine is here!

a brand new engine is introduced with the latest version of an Anti-malware product, called “Katana”. which improves zero-hour detection, and it’s more lightweight on CPU usage. Also, the latest version Improved overall performance and scan speed. Web protection technology is improved too.

Final conclusion

Malwarebytes 4.0 is more intuitive and robust with better brand new detection engine Katana. for improved Zero-hour threats and better performance. The new UI also introduced Statistics and the latest blog posts, so you can be informed about the latest cybersecurity threats from the wild.