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Emsisoft Internet Security + Serial keys


Emsisoft internet security 11 – comprehensive antivirus and firewall-based anti-virus engines and Emsisoft Bitdefender.

It includes control software, web protection from known malicious resources and a completely new firewall kernel. Compared with the kernel firewall Online Armor, in Emsisoft Internet Security firewall has full support for the IPv6, the differential filtering rules, better performance, and full support for Unicode.

Key features Emsisoft Internet Security:

Anti-virus protection
• Full protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware variants.
• Real-time protection with the use of two engines – Bitdefender antivirus and antispyware Emsisoft.
• Integration with Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network – check for cloud-based applications for these programs effectively identify threats and reduce the number of false-positive alarms.

Proactive protection
• Application Control in real time (HIPS) – to prevent infection from new and unknown threats.

Web protection
• Web protection – blocking known malicious, fraudulent and phishing resources to ensure safety on the Internet, regardless of the browser used.

• Monitoring of network activity. New Firewall kernel has full support for the IPv6, a more differential packet filtering rules, better performance, and full support for Unicode.

New in Emsisoft Internet Security 11:
• The new version offers native 64-bit application that is optimized for 64-bit Windows systems. This will improve performance and facilitate the correct use of available system components.
• The scanner comes with an improved detection of malicious programs that do not contain files and are only in RAM.
• Significantly improved performance cleaning engine when running third-party programs, intensively working with the registry.
• Expanded Behavioral virus detection encoders, especially programs-extortionists.
• Added detection of malicious software that is not authorized by parsers use scenarios and host processes to perform malicious actions.
• Added detection of malicious programs that are installed by using code obfuscation and other concealment methods.
• Improved detection of malicious programs that are written in the startup of the system.
• The mechanism of independent decision-making when it detects malicious intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities exploitation.
• Reduced number of required reboots during upgrade.
• Presented the new update scenarios for large enterprises that require internal compatibility testing before you deploy updates to workstations.
• Numerous minor improvements of the user interface and processing software based on user suggestions.

What’s new in version :

– Improved: File guard speed performance.
– Improved: Ransomware detection in Behavior Blocker.
– Improved: Default actions in Behavior Blocker settings.
– Improved: Added a new ‘Last update’ column in the license selection dialog that helps finding un-used licenses in multi-seat environments.
– Improved: Updater now supports multiple behavior blocker updates without a computer restart.
– Improved: Game mode now automatically detects full-screen mode.
– Improved: License key validation and mapping.
– Improved: Support for ICMPv6 for IPv6 firewall rules in Emsisoft Internet Security.
– Improved: IGMP’s auto-rule for system- and excluded processes for Emsisoft Internet Security.
– Fixed: Occasional crash when starting Emsisoft Security Center from tray icon with limited permissions.
– Fixed: Missing texts/non-functional buttons in Emsisoft Security Center on Windows 7 systems.
– Fixed: Factory defaults did not clear log files and ‘Malware objects detected so far’ counter.
– Fixed: Double log record is added after a file restore from quarantine.

Emsisoft Internet Security
Emsisoft Internet Security

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