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Earn extra money on fliiby [Guide]


Maximize your revenue on Fliiby

Earn extra money on fliiby So, you have uploaded few files, joined Fliiby Monetization Program with sky high CPM (revenue on each thousand views) and now you’re waiting for all those millions of views to happen just by itself. Well, not so easy.

As much as we would like to, Fliiby is not yet strong community as YouTube, Soundcloud, Flickr, etc., so we all need to do a little bit of work for great results to happen. Here are few best tips/advises on how to promote your files on Fliiby in order to maximize revenue.

1.) Describe your files properly
Take your time during the file upload and describe your files the best as you can. We have introduced Discoverability Meter in upload process, that shows possibility of your files for being discovered by other people via Fliiby search & relevant files, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This is most important thing you could do! Make every file Title and Description unique – don’t just upload hundreds of files with same everything, this does not create any value for the users – in the end it’s about quality, not quantity. We have seen few properly described files bring in million of views without hassle – you do the math. If others can do it, you can to.

2.) Share your files on social networks
If you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest profiles/pages use them to post your Fliiby links there from time to time. You can use services like Buffer to automate this process. This is going to give stronger ranking factors and will bring in additional views to you file pages. Remember, every view counts!

3.) Embed your files on site/blog
If you have your own website, use it to embed your files from Fliiby (look for embed codes under the Share option of your files). You can embed anything – photos, videos, music, documents, etc. We will run those high paying video ads every time people interact with Fliiby Player.
If your site runs on WordPress, install Fliiby WordPress Plugin for easing of this whole embedding process. You can even create embed styles, to match look of you site. And remember to link to your Fliiby pages from your site.

4.) Follow more great people & like their files
Use “Follow more people” button on homepage to discover and follow more creative people. Like & comment on their files – as everybody is looking for recognition – and everybody here is deserving it. These people will return a favor. In the end it’s about being here for each other.

5.) Be patient
Yea, we know – this isn’t easy virtue, specially in today’s digital jungle. But like old masters like to say: “It takes a little time“. We’re young startup, building something amazing, supported by awesome people – and we will make this digital investment of yours worth it – just give it a shot.

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