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DU Battery Saver Pro

DU Battery Saver Pro

DU Battery Saver – a leading tool to save battery power tester and Android c functions of the PRO.
DU Battery Saver Pro from DU Apps Studio increases the battery life by 20%. Scheduling power saving mode by the level of charge or time. Reduced CPU speed, removal of applications with high energy consumption and update device settings to extend the time.

DU Battery Saver PRO – powerful supply tester Android:

Automatic switching of intelligent power saving modes to suit your preferences;
Remaining: Switching to the preset mode at a certain charge level;
Planning the time: Switch to any intelligent power-saving mode based on the time of day;
Avtomoticheskaya cleaning applications:
Auto power off Battery: suspending background applications;
Setting up automatic cleanup of any selected interval;
Protect mission-critical applications from automatic cleaning when you add them to your ignore list;
Cleaning unnecessary background applications on the lock screen;
The frequency of the CPU (only with the rights of Root) Save even more energy by reducing the speed of the processor when the phone screen lock.

Features DU Battery Saver (Power Tester Android):
Fast-charge savings: Instant troubleshooting with the battery by pressing the \”Optimize.\”
Simple Savings charge: Preset modes for intelligent power management mode, or create your own to improve performance and save energy.
Effective savings charge: Safe charging protect the battery and increases the operation.
Comfortable save battery: Home screen widget \”Optimize\” allows one-touch stop the background applications with high power consumption, increasing the battery life.
Easy and powerful conserves: prolongs battery life on Android 50% without charge.
It supports the following languages: Deutsch, Español, English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil, English, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano and others.

DU Battery Saver Pro

1. Newly added feature of PHONE COOLER that prevent your phone from overheating!
2. More details improved.
3. Bugs fixed.

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