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Dr.Web Security Space Life 10.1.2 APK + Key is here! [Latest]


Dr.Web Security Space Life 10.1.2 protect your mobile device from viruses and malware, as well as from unwanted calls and SMS spam.


  • Complete and full system scan
  • Optimize the overall system performance
  • Termination of suspicious processes even if the phone is locked
  • Protect personal information against hackers
  • Using new technology Origins Tracing for detecting new malware Nashnakhnh
  • SD card and protect against malware Autorun Exploit.Cpllnk
  • Qrnzynh threats detected
  • Low use of system resources
  • Optimize power consumption
  • Display detailed statistics
  • Having a functional widgets
  • Block unwanted calls and messages
  • Ability to filter calls and messages
  • Create profiles for filtering
  • Ability to create custom black lists
  • Display information about blocked calls and messages
  • Locate a lost phone and delete as needed
  • Missing device to remotely lock
  • Help to unlock the device by SMS
  • Send link to place the phone on Google Maps
  • Ability to display custom text on the phone missing
  • Control Internet Apps
  • Powerful Firewall
  • Anti-spam
    to avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages.
    • Filtering mode selection.
    • Lets you create your own filtering profiles.
    • Blacklist editing.
    • Displays information about blocked calls and messages.
  • Anti-theft
    will help you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen,
    and, if necessary, wipe confidential information from it remotely.
    • Lets you lock the device after a reboot.
    • Lets you lock your phone so that it can only be unlocked by entering a password (the number of unlock attempts is limited).
    • Lets you unlock the device with an SMS message.
    • Allows you to see the device’s location at Google Maps.
    • Lets you remotely erase data on the device and SD cards.
    • Starts audio playback on the device and locks the screen.
    • Lets you customize the message that is to be displayed on the screen of the blocked device.
    • Lets you create a list of numbers to which notifications will be sent if someone changes the SIM card in the lost device. Allows you to control the anti-theft by having messages sent to it from these numbers to unlock the device if you have forgotten the unlock password.
  • Cloud Checker
    The Cloud Checker filter will restrict access to undesirable Internet sites. Lets you block access to non-recommended or potentially dangerous sites according to several categories (drugs, violence, etc.).
    The Security Auditor
    • Troubleshoots the device to identify security problems and offers solutions to address them.
  • New! Firewall
    Controls application network activity
    • Filters the external network traffic of the applications installed on the device and system applications. Choose between Wi-Fi and cellular network filtering, and take advantage of customisable rules (filter by IP addresses and/or ports, and by entire networks or IP ranges).
    • Monitors current and previously transmitted traffic; gives you information about the addresses/ports to which applications are connecting and the amount of inbound and outbound traffic.
    • Detailed logs.
Dr.Web Security Space Life 10.1.2
Dr.Web Security Space Life 10.1.2

What’s New ?

  • Changed and improved procedures of threat detection and removal.
  • Added detection of the “Stagefright 2.0” vulnerability.
  • Introduced various fixes and enhancing in application operation.
  • Fixes and enhancing of Android TV operation.

How to install :

  • Install app and close..don’t open it.
  • Put the key in Android/data/drweb/files/ ~place here the key~
  • Now launch the App and Enjoy until 16/04/2017.


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