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Dr.Web Security Space Serial key is here


Dr.Web Security Space 11 offers a comprehensive response to Internet threats.

Includes antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit, proactive protection, anti-spam, cloud-based web antivirus and parental control in combination with additional protection against network attacks, thanks to the built-in firewall Dr.Web Firewall.

The main components of Dr. Web Security Space :

Mail Anti-Virus
Web Anti-Virus
Preventive protection
Parental control
Antivirus network
Protection against data loss (backup)
Cloud Dr.Web
Locking removable devices

New in Dr.Web Security Space 11

Dr.Web ShellGuard: Improved technology of non-signature (behavioral) blocking of Dr.Web Process Heuristic in the system of preventive protection Dr.Web will protect against attacks using the vulnerabilities of the “zero day”
Dr. Web HyperVisor: Enhanced control over the operation of all programs and the OS itself using the capabilities of modern hardware platforms.
Anti-virus scanning is greatly accelerated without compromising the quality of protection.
Data loss protection system. A completely new algorithm for creating and storing backup copies has been implemented.
User’s security management capabilities.
Statistics and information.
Protection against attacks aimed at substituting data, including attacks “Man in the middle.”
The procedure for updating components of Dr. Web Control Service and SpIDer Agent for Windows has been updated. Now these components can be updated without having to reboot the computer – the protection system becomes relevant right after receiving updates.
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Main features of Dr.Web Security Space

Dr. Web Scanner for Windows is an antivirus scanner with a graphical interface that runs at the user’s request or on a schedule and performs antivirus scanning of the computer. There is also a version of the scanner with the command line interface (Console scanner Dr.Web for Windows);

Anti-rootkit Dr.Web

(Anti-rootkit API, arkapi) – background scanning for rootkits and a new arkapi. The implementation of the subsystem required a significant overhaul of Dr. Web software libraries.

Preventive protection

Advanced features of preventive protection of Dr.Web Security Space user’s computer from infection by blocking automatic modification of critical Windows objects, as well as control of some unsafe actions.

Dr.Web HyperVisor

Component that allowed to improve the system of detection and treatment of threats, as well as to strengthen the self-defense of Dr. Web by using the capabilities of modern processors. The component runs and runs below the operating system level, which provides monitoring of all programs, processes and operation of the OS itself.

SpIDer Guard is an antivirus watchman that constantly resides in RAM, checking files and memory “on the fly”, as well as detecting manifestations of viral activity;

SpIDer Mail

Mail antivirus guard that intercepts calls from any computer mail clients to mail servers using POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4 / NNTP protocols (IMAP4 refers to IMAPv4rev1), detects and neutralizes email viruses before receiving mail from the server or until Sending a message to the mail server. The postman can also check the correspondence for spam using Dr.Web Anti-spam;

SpIDer Gate

antivirus HTTP watchdog. With the default settings, SpIDer Gate automatically checks incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic and blocks the transfer of objects that contain viruses and other malicious programs;

Parental control

Restricts the user’s access to resources contained locally, on the computer itself, and on the network.

Dr. Web Security Space includes the ability to limit the user’s time on the Internet and the computer, support for Windows accounts. control access to external devices (USB devices, keyboards, network cards, COM / LPT ports, etc.) in the mode Full lock or notify users of an attempt to access the device.

Dr.Web Cloud

in the framework of Parental Control and SpIDer Gate, the ability to verify URLs on the servers of Doctor Web similar to the previously implemented component of Dr. Web Cloud Checker in Dr.Web anti-virus for Android, is implemented.

Dr.Web Firewall – personal

An upgrade module that allows registered users to receive updates to virus databases and other complex files.

SpIDer Agent

a module that configures and controls the operation of Dr. Web Security Space components.

Dr.Web Security Space 11
Dr.Web Security Space 11

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