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CorelCAD 2015.5 build Cracked [Latest]

CorelCAD 2015.5 build Cracked [Latest]

CorelCAD 2015 – a high-performance computer-aided design with support for DWG, which you can download at haxzone.net. The ability to open, edit and save files in DWG format makes it easy to work together. A complete set of industry-standard tools and features you can immediately get to work. Customizable two-dimensional and three-dimensional design to help turn ideas into precise drawings and models. VoiceNotes and other innovative features to let you add messages and instructions to the drawings, and will work with CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER expands opportunities for collaboration.

Basic functions CorelCAD:

Full CAD
Built-in file format DWG. The ability to open, edit and save files in DWG format enables easy collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and partners. DWG format is the standard format. CorelCAD supports file formats DXF and DWF files up to version AutoCAD 2013.
All the necessary functions of CAD. A complete set of familiar tools and functions increases productivity. Appendix CorelCAD compatible with all major CAD programs, so experts will be convenient to use familiar command aliases, the command bar, menu items and toolbar items.
An efficient user interface. To improve the efficiency of work are dockable toolbar caused the right-click context menu and the Properties palette.
Support for legacy file formats. Conservation projects in legacy formats, starting with the formats DWG and DXF version R12, allows you to work with them on legacy hardware and software, the older versions, and repair damaged file formats DWG and DXF for all versions.

Tools of precision dimensional design
Binding objects. Intelligent tools CorelCAD, such as binding sites, object snap guides and polar guides to expedite workflow.
Handles objects. To quickly change the situation, change the size, alignment, and copy objects using the handle object, which helps save time.
Setup Window \”Properties\” and the option \”Copy the property.\” Palette \”Properties\” allows you to control the attributes of objects, such as layer, color, line style, etc., and also copy the properties of other objects.
Customizable coordinates. Create custom coordinate systems to align the construction plane with the object of design
Tools Smart Dimension. In CorelCAD can specify the exact dimensions as inclined, horizontal, vertical, radial, diametric and angular dimension lines. Smart Dimension tool automatically selects the most appropriate type sizes for lines, segments of polylines, arcs, circles and rings.

Three-dimensional design tools for complex simulation
The ability to view three-dimensional images. Three-dimensional models can be viewed in different projections, as well as turning in three-dimensional space. Mosaic viewports allow drawing divided into several types and configure them in a three-dimensional map model in different views, for example, front view, right side view, top view and perspective view. In addition, you can change the display by selecting \”shaded species\” or type \”Showing\”.
Means of three-dimensional modeling. The project can be added to the basic three-dimensional figures, and then use to perform Boolean operations union, intersection, or subtraction of bodies.
Conversion of two-dimensional to three-dimensional objects. You can create three-dimensional objects by stretching and rotating the two-dimensional objects, creating elements along the path, as well as the creation of a loft between the two-dimensional objects.
Editing figures. You can perform a three-dimensional figure of intersection and cutting operations in the sector, as well as change their edges, faces and bodies. New and improved editing tools include tools for rounding edges of three-dimensional figures, as well as tools for painting, moving, rotating and shifting the individual surfaces of three-dimensional shapes.
Support for the three-dimensional mouse. 3Dconnexion devices support input allows you to move in three-dimensional space. By moving (pushing, pulling, rotating and tilting) of three-dimensional manipulator mouse to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate the two-dimensional and three-dimensional images. A three-dimensional mouse buttons can be assigned to the desired navigation options or custom commands.

Compatible providing streamlined workflow
Compatibility with CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER. Importing files CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER in CorelCAD format object model space with the idea to prototyping sheet. In order to directly import drawings from CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER for the extended two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling in CorelCAD, you can work with the following file formats:
multipage files CDR / DES;
CorelDRAW files from version 8 to the current release (X6);
Corel DESIGNER files from version 10 to the current release (X5).

Export to a file in CorelDRAW X5 (with the extension CDR) and Corel DESIGNER X5 (with the extension DES) allows projects created in CorelCAD, for other purposes – for example, creating presentations, or other marketing materials.

Easy file sharing. Supports major file formats, including PDF, SVG, and DWF, easier collaboration and file sharing with colleagues and customers.
Options PDF- and DGN-bases. Options for the files to attach grounds to allow one or more pages of the PDF document to the drawing, as well as control the visibility of layers and trimming (masking areas) PDF-base. Files DGN, created in MicroStation, or other CAD application can be inserted into the drawing as a DGN-base. You can add the base and detach them from the current drawing, set the parameters of the contour trimming and adding layers. The cropping function allows you to display only the required part DGN- and PDF-grounds, since the objects are cut from a given circuit.
Working together with the three-dimensional design. CorelCAD allows you to open and edit three-dimensional models with support for file formats models ACIS (with the extension SAT). Three-dimensional design can also be saved in the format of ACIS, to rework it with advanced visualization tools to plug Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration CCE for Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite or to create on its basis high-quality technical illustrations using Corel DESIGNER (sold separately).
Printing three-dimensional projects from CorelCAD. Export volume of several objects in a file STL (stereolithography) – a file format commonly used for volume printing (used as a working format of 3D-printers). STL file support provides a direct output of the 3D-printer to create prototypes of three-dimensional models.
Saving advanced print settings as configurations. Configuration Manager print CorelCAD can save the print settings for a particular mock-sheets. All the advanced print settings, including paper size, scale, orientation, color matching options line width, and many others, can be saved in the configuration under the name of, then used in various files and projects.
Create notes and working together. Innovative means VoiceNotes simplifies collaboration with the ability to add voice messages, reminders and instructions directly to the project. In addition, you can easily tag elements drawing sketches by hand and set masks for the individual elements of the drawing, to exclude them from the notes.
Working with files of geographic information systems (GIS). Support vector file format ESRI (* .shp) enables the visualization of maps and geographic models created in geographical information systems (GIS – geographic information system).
Team \”pack\”. Create a package (ZIP-files or folders) that contains the current drawing and related files, such as links related images associated PDF-files, fonts, font mapping files, style files and print the configuration files print.
Automation and specialized plug-ins
Increase productivity. With the use of the language LISP and tools Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA), you can create your own functions, procedures, and plug-in interface automation CorelCAD.
Add-ons and plug-ins. In the online store plug-ins for CorelCAD can purchase software developed by other companies, which will help you automate tasks and extend the functionality of the application.
Setting interface. In CorelCAD you can create different interface configurations and save them in the user profile, and it does not require programming skills. Aliases for frequently used commands also help speed up the performance of routine actions.

Major new features CorelCAD 2015:

Drawing limits. Have dimensional constraints provide an exact match of the drawing specified proportions, angles and dimensions as the geometric object is formed in accordance with the specified parameters. Further, geometric constraints can be used to define the geometric constraints and relationships of objects.
Pop-up panel sizes. To improve the efficiency of the program provides a screen function that displays the panel dimensions for fast and easy navigation control frequently used settings.
Tools dimensional editing. Extended set of editing tools now includes a tool \”Explode blokH\” to break the blocks into components while maintaining the attribute values, as well as a tool \”Remove Duplicates\” to simplify the drawing geometry. Use the interactive clipping path for precise trimming area on the screen, and click QUICKMODIFY (Fast change) – to move, rotate, and copy one laconic movement.
Dynamic blocks. Insert dynamic blocks from AutoCAD, followed by access to the parameters and attributes of the block to use in your files in .DWG CorelCAD saves valuable time.
Support for migration. User profiles, settings, folders, files and settings interface can be transferred from the previous release of the software to the new version. The dialog box opens automatically when you first start CorelCAD 2015.

Screenshoot :

CorelCAD 2015.5 build
CorelCAD 2015.5 build

Download x64 from : Mirror / Userscloud