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Bandicam makes it possible to record the selected area on a computer screen or in a program that uses graphics technology DirectX / OpenGL. You can perform a video with a high compression ratio, while maintaining video quality closer to the original work. Bandicam provides performance far superior to other programs that have similar functions.


Able to capture videos not only in the DirectX / OpenGL-applications, but in general everything that is happening on the screen
Dimensions of the material being removed is quite fine tuned
Setting the size and quality of the captured video files (including Xvid and MPEG-1 VBR)
Low (relatively) consumption of system resources
A small (relatively) size of the output video
Completion of recording time or file size
Supports recording pause
Built-in utility to repair broken files during recording
Adjust the quality of the captured JPG, BMP and PNG support

Video recording and streaming video games
Recording of WOW, Minecraft, and various Windows programs
MPEG-1, Xvid and MJPEG video codec support
PCM and MPEG-1 Layer II audio codec support
AVI video format (.avi) support
MPEG-1 video codec VBR mode support

Capture streaming video and games
BMP, PNG and JPEG image format support
Continuous image capturing

Management frame rate (FPS)
FPS overlay
FPS limit

Changelog :

Improved the recording stop speed when the .AVI container is used.
Fixed the failure to use the Nvidia NVENC H.264 encoder with the latest NVIDIA graphics card driver (v352.86).
Frames are no longer dropped at the beginning of recording when the Nvidia NVENC H.264 encoder is used.
Other minor bugs fixed.

Video tutorial :

Download :
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