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Privacy Protector offers an innovative approach that combines security, which includes encryption, archiving and clean up. Instead of having to use multiple tools that can not be combined with each other, you can now rely on a single, well-balanced solution that stands apart from causing confusion and bloated menu settings, thanks to the clarity and ease of use.

• The maximum encryption of your personal data
• Recording and archiving of data with maximum protection
• Use a USB drive as the master key
• No passwords … Use existing files and images as keys
• Remove sensitive information completely and reliably
• Search and destroy incriminating data from your system

Protect your privacy by using Ashampoo Privacy Protector is now.
Encryption removal, cleaning and archiving with maximum safety. Easily encrypt your files with robust encryption AES256, record the results on any disk and securely delete the original files. Sounds easy? and there is! And you no longer have to memorize long passwords. Simply plug a USB flash drive that will store automatically generated master key, and you’ll get a comfortable, mobile storage key. You can also use your files, such as photos, files as passwords, and generally rid your life of passwords. You need to send your files via e-mail? Click the mouse you will need to create a letter with the necessary investment. And due to the great popularity, we have added a module cleaning system that removes unnecessary files from your system – and it is also highly customizable

Secure encryption and recording 1,000 years
The encrypted algorithm AES256, and maximally protected, the files can be sent by e-mail or safely written to disk, while the program offers maximum comfort. And when we say “safe” we did it have in mind! With the support of M-drive, your data will be stored up to 1,000 years. Due to its unique surface, these wheels will be tested time, unlike conventional disk which data loss problem after a few years. Privacy Protector fully supports this innovative technology to provide you with the ability to archive your data for a long time. M-drives are available online or at your local suppliers.

Secure file deletion
Secure delete source files – a part of any decent backup strategy, and the area in which the Windows failed miserably. There are dozens of applications that allow you to recover deleted files, but not when you need the full safety! Privacy Protector includes a removal tool that overwrites deleted files with random data, making them practically recoverable even for experts – everything removed, it remains remote, guaranteed! Do you want to sell your hard drive, or are trying to protect your intellectual property, Privacy Protector does not let you down!

Maximum security without password
Hard to remember your passwords? Why not just use one of your files in a password? What could be simpler? No problem, just use any of your flash drives as a storage for your security keys and decryption of your files. Simply that and nothing can be. How about to use your photos as a key? Thus, your file can be decrypted only by those who have the same picture, and who knows that she is the key. Ingenious!

Professional tool to remove traces, complete
You leave traces – be it the Internet or visit the daily work! Privacy Protector finds and destroys any traces that can help in creating your profile, and the profile of your work carefully and efficiently. Any remaining temporary files or programs (which may take up to several gigabytes) are also deleted to protect your privacy and to free up space.

what is new in this version :

The initial release version of Ashampoo Privacy Protector 2015.
• May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 2015
Ashampoo Privacy Protector 2015

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