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Advanced Installer 12.3 Build 64631 + Patch


Advanced Installer – an application with which developers and system administrators to easily create installation packages in the format MSI. The program runs under OS Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and created with the help of the packages can be used to deploy applications on Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 2003/2008/2012 Server / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1.

per- formed on a very easy to use (for its level), all interaction with it through user-friendly interface, so you do not have to learn a large amount of documentation and writing complex scripts – every action is logical and intuitive done via internal commands. Created projects are saved in XML format for further use.

If for example take the comparison Wise, InstallShield, and other programs for creating MSI-package, Advanced Installer is a much more intuitive interface, with which you create your installation package in minutes.

Key features:
• Support for Windows Mobile / CE
• Import NSIS-Script
• Enhanced user interface installation program
• Cleaning generated by the application of resources and parameters for removal
• Resistance change user data applications via the update and correction
• Built-in custom actions to test if the port is free (not connected with the application)
• Integrated user actions to close the application
• User name in the Control Panel applet “Add or Remove Programs”

What’s new in this version:

New features in this release:
– Support to download files at install time
– Installer Analytics new report types: Launch conditions, User base with timeline and versions, Users per version, New or returning users and Geographic per user
– Predefined prerequisites for “.NET Framework 4.6 RC”
– Predefined launch conditions for “Windows 10”
– Added support for Office 2016 VSTO add-in

Enhancements to existing features:
– App-V 5 support for Middleware packages
– The Updates Configuration project has a better organization on tabs for update properties
– App-V 5 now supports registry state operations
– Improvement for Visual Studio installed version detection if a certain version is not found
– Checking update digital signature gives more precise errors
– Changed option name to “Use from Personal certificate store” in Digital Signature page
– Predefined PowerShell Cmdlet for retrieving MSI property values
– The user can now change the sequence type of an existing custom action
– Show/hide option for empty properties in Install Parameters view
– Custom selection of imported registry files for a specific component
– Notification for disallowed drag&drop actions in Organization page
– Sample ASP.NET for license requests
– Updated “Adobe Flash Player 13 ESR” prerequisites to latest version
– Updated “Apache Tomcat 6” prerequisite for latest version 6.0.44
– Updated “Apache Tomcat 7” prerequisite for latest version 7.0.62
– Updated “Apache Tomcat 8” prerequisite for latest version 8.0.23
– Updated “IIS Web Deploy v3.5” prerequisite for latest release from 10/1/2014
– Updated “MySQL Server” prerequisites to latest version 5.5.44
– Updated “NVIDIA PhysX” prerequisite for latest version 9.15.0428
– Updated “UltiDev Web Server Pro” prerequisite for latest version 2.0.21

Bug fixes:
– “Edit in AI” option in Visual Studio was causing a crash
– Error appeared on project load after removing slideshow from project
– Improved user experience when registering with a floating license server
– FastCgi setting was not removed when the website was removed during maintenance
– Control Panel entry of the old application was still present after upgrade
– In the “Task scheduler”, the start date from the “Target” tab of a daily task was set to an ancient date instead of the package installation date
– Using copy-paste on comboboxes was creating duplicates in “ComboBox” table
– AI_RecycleBin folder was not removed after an install-uninstall upgrade type
– App-V 5 editor was not loading packages with no files
– Japanese strings in Updater dialogs were too narrow
– Visual Studio 2015 resources were always installed
– INI files were always displayed under APPDIR in Visual Studio extension
– Uninstalls performed by an upgrade were included in uninstall reports
– Prerequisites failed to extract from MSI when containing files with size 0
– Offline prerequisites caused project to be marked as modified after visiting Setup tab
– Fixed command line for silent installation of “IIS Web Deploy 3.5” prerequisites

Advanced Installer 12.3
Advanced Installer 12.3

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