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Adguard Premium 2.6.108 Cracked APK


Adguard Premium – Internet filter for mobile devices, which protects you from advertising, malware and phishing sites, online tracking on your web browser when using your smartphone or tablet to the Internet.

Adguard is designed to block absolutely all kinds of online advertising, accelerate the loading of web pages, saving mobile traffic and protect your device from potential online threats.

Adguard filters only web browsers, without affecting operation of other applications installed on your device. The app uses a unique technology to filter traffic for your smartphone / tablet, which does not require ROOT-law.

filtering operation speed will not depend on the work of the VPN-server, since it is located directly on your device with the Android platform.

Key features of Adguard Premium :
Antibanner completely removes all advertising elements from web pages, including video ads.

Antiphishing protects the device from possible threats, checking all downloaded Web pages and files-apk.

Two filtering modes: local VPN, or local HTTP proxy mode mode. The first does not require ROOT-rights and at the same VPN-server is the same on your device, so do not have to miss your traffic through a remote server for filtering. The second is only recommended if you are using rutovannoe device or if you want to use Adguard with any VPN.

Antitreking. Protection from tracking your activities on the Internet.
Ad Blocking applications.
Filter social networking widgets. Social widgets (buttons Like, Like, class, etc.) will be deleted if the appropriate filter is activated.

Easy and intuitive interface. A simple interface and easy management of the application.
Advertising filters for sites in different languages. Adguard for Android is able to block ads in different languages: Russian, English, German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Adguard Premium features:
1. Web protection against online threats, blocking malware and phishing sites.
2. Improved ad blocking. The maximum quality of filtering.
3. Premium Technical Support.

Adguard Premium 2.6.108
Adguard Premium 2.6.108

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