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Acronis True Image 2015 – an integrated suite of software, ensuring the safety of all the information on your computer. With it you can create backup copies of documents, photos, emails, selected partitions or entire disk, including the operating system, applications, settings and all copies dannye.Rezervnye allow you to restore the computer data loss, accidental deletion of important files and folders or complete failure hard disk. Online Backup function allows you to store files and disks in Acronis Cloud. Data can be protected even in the event of loss, theft or damage to the computer and, if necessary, they can be completely restored to the new device.

main functions:
• Backup disc in the local storage
• Backup files to a local storage
• Bootable media
• Hard Disk Cloning
• File Synchronization
• Security and privacy

New in Acronis True Image 2015:
• Fully updated design – interface Acronis True Image 2015 has been completely redesigned to simplify the work with the program. In addition, the new interface allows you to work with the program True Image for touch screen devices.
• Recovery discs from Acronis Cloud via Wi-Fi – in restoring the disk from Acronis Cloud without the possibility of using Ethernet-cable, you can connect and download data via Wi-Fi. Acronis True Image 2015 supports several wireless security protocols, including WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise. You can even migrate the operating system with all installed programs on the “bare metal” through a wireless connection.
• Automatic source data deduplication backup to the online storage – before the backup to the online storage True Image analyzes the selected data. If the program finds two or more identical blocks of data in the repository • Acronis Cloud is loaded only one of them. During recovery True Image creates a duplicate of the block and inserts them into all the places where the unit is located. This algorithm reduces the amount of data downloaded by an average of 10% and saves space in storage Acronis Cloud.
• The standard version of the product includes features in version Premium – when purchasing Acronis True Image 2015 you get a full set of features, including support for dynamic disks and the wizard ISO-image WinPE Acronis.
• New easy Bootable Media Acronis – new wizard allows you to create bootable media as the Acronis, and media based on WinPE few simple steps.
• Back up your entire computer – a new type of backup allows you to protect all the data directly on the computer. In the case of an accident you can restore not only all your documents, photos and other files, and Windows system with applications.
• Rarely used tools have been removed – to make the product easier and more reliable, we have removed the following means:
• Manager Acronis Extended Capacity
• Truncation SSD
• Convert the backup files from the format TIB to a VHD and vice versa
• Disk Editor
• Manager boot sequence
• File Shredder
• Import and export backup settings
• Try & Decide
• Backup e-mail

Acronis True Image 2015
Acronis True Image 2015

Backup and restore
• Backup (backup) – the process of creating copies of data to be used for recovery in the event of their loss.

Typically, data recovery from backup is necessary in two cases:

• To restore the operating system, if it is damaged or does not run (the so-called disaster recovery).
• To restore specific files and folders after accidental deletion or corruption.
• Acronis True Image 2015 provides a solution for both cases, creating the images disk and partition, and backup files.

Backup versions
• backup version – the file or files created during each backup operation. Number of versions created equals the number of backup operations. Thus, the version represents a point in time, which can recover the system or data.

Backup versions represent full, incremental and differential backups.

Backup versions are similar to file versions. The concept versions of files known to users who are familiar with the function “Previous versions of files” in Windows Vista and Windows 7. This feature allows you to restore a file in a state in which he found himself at a certain time. Backup version allows you to recover data in this way.

Disk cloning
• In the course of this operation are copying the entire contents of one disk to another disk. For example, it may be necessary, if you want to transfer the operating system, applications and data to the new higher-capacity disk. This can be done in two ways:

• Use a utility disk cloning.
• Create a backup copy of your old disk, and then restore it on the new drive.

The format of the backup file
• Backups created by the program True Image, is typically stored in a proprietary format TIB data compression. The data from the backup in the TIB-files can only be restored with the help of True Image Windows or in the recovery environment.

The Acronis Nonstop Backup uses a special hidden storage of data and metadata. Data backups are compressed and split into files of about 1 GB each. The files have the format TIB, and the data contained therein can only be restored by using True Image.

Checking backup
• The backup validation ensures that the backup is not corrupted and data can be recovered. When you create a backup, it includes a checksum value of the data blocks. The integrity of the backup file is checked by recalculating the checksum and comparing data with the value of the amount received from the backup. If all compared values ​​match, the backup file is not corrupted.

• The data restored from a backup should contain relevant information, so the backup should be regularly updated. Schedule backups to it automatically performed on a regular basis.

Deleting backups
• To remove unnecessary backup copies, and their version is recommended to use the funds of the program Acronis True Image 2015.

Acronis True Image 2015 stores information about the backups in the database metadata. Therefore, deleting unneeded backup files in Windows Explorer does not delete information about these backups from the database. This will result in errors when the program tries to perform operations with backups that no longer exist.

Tools and Utilities
Acronis Tools & Utilities include Protection tools, tools, connectivity, disk cloning utility, utilities, security and privacy and disk management utility.

Tools of protection:
• Startup Recovery
It allows you to start Acronis True Image 2015 without loading the operating system by pressing the F11 key before loading the operating system.

• Bootable Media
It allows you to create bootable media with programs Acronis, installed on your computer (or their components).

• Acronis Secure Zone
It allows you to store your backups in a special safe partition on your hard disk.

Disk cloning:
Use the master disk cloning to create a clone of the operating system on a different hard drive by copying the partitions.

Security and Privacy
• Acronis DriveCleanser
With Acronis DriveCleanser utility can securely destroy data on your hard drive.

• Cleaning System
Tool cleaning system cleans the components (folders, files, registry keys, and so on. D.), Relating to the overall objectives of the system. These Windows components retain evidence of user activity on a PC, so they also need to reliably remove for confidentiality.

Disk Management:
• Adding a new disc
Add New Disk Wizard allows you to add a new hard drive to your computer. • Prepare a new hard drive by creating and formatting new partitions.

Mounting images:
• Connect image
With this tool, you can connect the created image. Mounting an image is assigned a drive letter that allows you to have access to the image as a normal logical drives.

• Disabling image
This tool allows you to disable the temporary logical drives by to view the image.


Supported operating systems
Product Acronis True Image 2015 tested on the following operating systems:

• Windows XP SP3
• Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
• Windows 8 (all editions)
• Windows 8.1 (all editions)
• Windows 10

Acronis True Image 2015 also lets you create a bootable CD-R or DVD-R, which can backup and from which you can recover disks or partitions on your computer with any Intel or AMD and any operating system, including Linux®. (Apple Macintosh computer with an Intel processor is not supported.)

Supported file systems
• FAT16 / 32
• Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4;
• ReiserFS;
• Linux SWAP.

If the file system is not supported or is corrupted, Acronis True Image 2015 will copy the data in raw mode.

Supported storage media
• hard disks
• Solid State Drives (SSD)
• Networked storage devices
• FTP-servers
• CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, DVD + R (including dual-layer DVD + R), DVD + RW, DVD-RAM, BD-R, BD-RE
Storage Devices USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0, eSATA, FireWire (IEEE-1394) and PC Card

Create Acronis Secure Zone on dynamic disks is not supported.
To restore a dynamic volume as a dynamic volume resizing manually impossible.
Disk cloning operation is not supported for dynamic disks.



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